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From the desk of: John Harder

Welcome to Acquire Network!

I have no intentions of trying to get you into doing something you aren’t interested in doing. But, if there’s even just a small chance of me being able to be of help to increase your yearly income or even make your yearly income, your monthly income. Doing this for as many people as possible is my absolute passion.

There is a wise old saying that says: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” I would add, man or woman, so is he or she. Now ask yourself this question. How would my thinking change, if my yearly income would become my monthly income?

  • Where would you travel to, What vacations would you take, What places have you not seen that you'd love to see, that now you probably think, it will just never happen?...
  • What new vehicles would you drive, as opposed to buying used and or making payments on them?...
  • What would the house look like, that you’d be living in, that now you think is possible only for those who have the money?...
  • And, what types sports or recreations would you be busy enjoying, that now you don’t have the time or money for?...

  • Just by increasing your income by 12X you would likely make changes in most areas of your life and thus make life much more enjoyable. But wait! We haven’t mentioned yet, that you can make your money from anywhere in the world and be spending only a couple of hours per day doing it. It’s also a known observation that people with a much higher income are also much healthier because, financial worries are stressful to people and stress produces disease in the body.

    If you can see in your mind, the possibilities of changing your life in this way, you’ve already come a long way for its realization. Making money is easy. Believing that it is easy, is hard for most people.


    Yes, Multiple Streams of Income! It is a fabulous idea and that is what AcquireNetwork.com evolves from. I know that a ton of effort has gone into it and it is finally starting to happen. So guys, if you are with us, lets draw that line in the sand, set our mark and aim high!

    You see, when we aim for the moon and hit the stars, we do a whole lot better than others who aimed at nothing and hit every time. Well, I am sure that by now you'll know that I recommend this program that brings "Multiple Streams of Income". So go ahead and share it with the whole world, with just one link. AcquireNetwork.com is Free to Join.

    So what do you have to lose? Nothing. But, a whole lot to gain. Success Equals Happiness! Thank You.


    Let me introduce to you what is possibly the easiest system to start generating multiple streams of income within a Month and this can change your entire outlook on life in less than a year. The system I’m introducing to you is free of charge, we make our money exactly the same way our members do.

    We have taken care of what is the biggest obstacle in network marketing and that is trying to get other people to keep paying money each month, or to keep other people motivated. That is a hard task and you don’t need to do it here at Acquire Network.

    I have learned to know a few people who became very successful by using revshare programs and at first I thought, how can they gain that kind of success? I’ve tried them before and all I did was lose money. But when I began to understand how they’re doing it, it started making sense to me so I started following their success strategies and it’s working for me as well.

    Now I’m running a few of them very successfully. So I got thinking, why not pave the way for thousands to easily follow this same success strategy? I instantly made it my mission to set up a system, to make it easy for anyone to follow that same success strategy and start generating a life changing income.

    Our Strategy is Simple…

    We have simply taken the very thing that millions of people are already using for making money online and generating traffic and made it many times more effective.
    Then we’ve made the entire process much less complicated for our members, by combining all of the different streams of income into just one program to promote.
    Another thing we’ve done is, we have made it much safer for newcomers, so they don’t have to waste their precious money by trial and error, wondering if it will ever indeed work for them.
    We are here to help you succeed. You no longer need to try to figure it all out by yourself. Get help from people who are already successful because they know how.

    So What Kind of Programs Do we Use?

    There are literally millions of people using revshare traffic programs for making money online and that’s what we saw as possibly the easiest and most rewarding way for newbies or pros to multiply their income many times over. Simply because you get both… The traffic and the cash simultaneously.

    P.S. If you’re thinking you have tried Rev Share Programs and they don’t work for you, then you probably need a better understanding of what to look for when you’re thinking of joining these types of programs.

    Tip for Success… Don’t try to do it on your own. Find people who are already successfully doing it so you can ask questions and get help when you need it.

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